Market Overview

Although complex, the North American renewables market is huge, and under the current Democratic administration the shift towards renewable domestic generation has been accelerated considerably.  The continent has abundant natural river resource, with a large number of major cities and industrial sites located on substantial, fast flowing rivers.

These facts, combined with the extensive manufacturing and fabrication facilities across North America make it a highly attractive prospect for array-scale FITS deployments to provide power to electrical grid infrastructures. Our target customers are large individual industrial concerns, state utilities companies, and green energy brokerages.


Provision of renewable power to service both the clean energy and carbon offset markets.

The offer of baseload clean energy production into a renewables market currently dominated by intermittent wind and solar generation with large energy storage requirements


Achelous Energy has focused the start of its AI river resource assessment in the United States, and is developing this in conjunction with ongoing research into the states with most the progressive renewable energy policies. The company is carrying out this work with a number of commercial and private partners in-country, and will develop this further in 2022.

The first identified array site location for detailed investigation is the lower Mississippi region, though significant resource also exists in Arkansas, Louisiana and Alabama.


Initial river resource assessment undertaken with academic partners in the UK to generate and validate river flow speed assessment from models of hydrokinetic potential. This work will be refined into 2022.


  • The USA currently uses 3800TWh/year of electricity (2020, IEA)

  • The country has an estimated hydrokinetic resource of over 99TWh/year (2020, RE Journal)

  • Achelous Energy has identified 3 large sites suitable for FITS array deployment in Mississippi